About Us

www.kenyanjobs.co.ke isn’t a boring career site like some of those other places you may have come across.We know every career is unique. Your job search, desire to find a career that makes you happy, or to get ahead in the one you have is totally your journey. And we want to help you succeed (without ever trying to hog that wallet).

We have career advice that won’t bore you to death, free tools to help you build the skills you want, and a fun approach to job search that won’t make you want to cry because of how bad it is.

We are the only online career resource that offers a
behind-the-scenes look at job opportunities with hundreds of companies,
original career advice from prominent experts, and access to the best
coaches to get personalized and private career help. We believe that you
can and should love your job—and be successful at it—and we want to
help you make that happen.

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